A Heartbreaking Story

One of the reasons I chose this DTS was because of the Justice track that it offers. This is an extra class that I take during the day that is totally focused on the injustice in the world and what we want to do about it. I will have a separate post about that later but I wanted to write about this while it was fresh in my mind and heart.

Yesterday in our Justice meeting we watched the documentary, theDark Side of Chocolate. This was a film about the child labor and human trafficking that goes on in the cocoa world. Basically it was just one big heart break. I would encourage each one of you to watch it for yourself, but I am also going to summarize it a little.

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They focused on the Malawi area and the trafficking that happens into Ivory Coast. It was so hard to watch. These children are taken away from their families under the impression that they are going into a city to make a lot of money. Then they are taken by traffickers at bus stations and when they arrive at the border they are taken by traffickers on motorcycle taxis along old roads across. Then they are delivered to the plantations where they don't go to school, they don't speak the local language, and they don't make any money.

They are trapped.

The man doing the documentary had to do amajorityof the investigations with a hidden camera because of the danger involved. He interviewed a Malawi bus driver who had personally saved over 100 kids a year from being trafficked by being aware and knowing the traffickers. He interviewed a man who trafficked children over the boarder by motorcycle, who said that he did not feel personally responsible for the fate of the child because you cannot pinpoint it all on one person because there are SO many different people involved. He interviewed the CEO of a huge cocoa bean selling company who had the nerve to state that child labor and trafficking was not even a problem. It was disgusting to watch.

Then there was the part that stomped my heart into the ground.

They found a little boy just bawling on a bench. Terrified. He had lost the man that was supposed to be taking care of him.

Little did he know this man was actually a trafficker who had already been paid so he just left him there.

This problem seemed hopeless at the beginning with thousands of kids getting trafficked a yearbut it isn't There ARE laws against it. There are people trying to do things.but until these big companies realize it too no big change can happen.

We are just as responsible as the traffickers.

I know that sounds ridiculous and dramatic, but really, it's just something we don't want to hear.

There are organizations working to make a differences. The biggest ones and the ones we researched are



Rainforest Alliance

These organizations have their own plantations owned by farmers but under watch and with guidelines.

If we choose to only buy chocolate with these labels we cab make a huge difference.

In the UK the label sales went from 5% of all chocolate sales to 15%, let's just say the companies noticed.

I have decided not to buy chocolate without the labels, trust me, I am not looking forward to it.

I realize that it is not the mostconvenient thing to do, and you could start with small commitments. But I encourage each of you to pray about this and watch the video, it's kind of a big deal.

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