My fear of Homeschooling


Homeschooling is scary. There, I said it. I would like to think that I have it under control, and am absolutely definitive in my choice to keep both my children home from day care, pre-school, and beyond. But to be honest, it's a year-to-year re-assessment for me.

I remember when my friends with kids that are the same age as mine we're sending them off to daycare and preschool. I thought, "Already? He's only 2." These are moms in my circle that have similar values and lifestyle as I do. These are smart, confident, stay at home moms, just like me.

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I had a very tough (and long, drawn-out, beat-a-dead-horse) conversation with my husband about schooling. Should we keep them home? What about Montessori or Waldorf schools? What about just a couple hours of day care, a couple days of the week? Was I capable of beinga teacher??? Did they need to socialize with their peers MORE?

I was afraid, that by keeping them home, they would be missing out on opportunities their peers had exposure to at school & in daycare. But what are those opportunities? Socializing? Would I have the weird, awkward kids on the street? Did THAT really matter?

Learning how to be civil and in social situations is probably the biggest issue in question, when considering homeschooling. I realized, though, that I could decide with which of their peers I wanted them to socialize. These are the early and most formative years we're talking about. This is the time that impacts the frontal lobe development most and has the heaviest impact later in their lives. This is it. And it wasn't until my husband said to me that there is no better teacher for our children than the one they have right here at home (that'd be me:)), that I got it.

I'm still scared. I still question myself every day. These are totally uncharted waters for me. But, there is no one that will care for or about my children like me. I know, that at the end of the day, and if there is no tomorrow, that we loved, laughed, and learned- together-and all day long.

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