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We have been insanely busy in holistic ministry in the last two weeks. We have hit 6 villages in 7 days staging medical clinics, preventative health care training, soap distribution and evangelism. We have abandoned our initial quest to stage a clinic here on the compound because there is now adequate medical care at the local clinic. God has called us deep into the heart of the bush to the most remote IDP (internally displaced peoples) camps where medical access is only a dream of the people.

The needs are great and overwhelming at times. The other day dr. Ken diagnosed a 2 week old baby girl with meningitis and gave it only 24 hours to live if she wasn't hospitalized. She was not suckling and her skin was withering fast. We prayed for the baby and family, gave them some money for transport and sent them on their way to the closest medical clinic in Kalongo. We don't know yet if she pulled through.

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Each village has been a unique experience. After a somewhat chaotic first attempt we have a very organized mobile clinic now! We have seen some people with some of the most heart-wrenching medical situations and cases. Virtually every child has ringworm's. We've treated a number of cases of Malaria but Ken is cautious when diagnosing because almost every parent assumes their child's flu is malaria. Prior to the soap distribution May has been teaching in proper hand washing and stresses to the community that a majority of the diseases and sicknesses we've treated in this village can be prevented by simply taking time to wash your hands before and after you eat.

One of the highlights of the trip so far was the day we pulled into a school grounds to do a clinic for the nearby village. Hundreds and hundreds of children flocked our vehicle in hopes to get to better see and possibly touch the foreigners! May Tao out of the blue confidently climbed up on the hood of the car, stood as tall as her short figure possibly could, and shouted out the gospel message at the top of her lungs! haha About a hundred of these kids decided to make first time decisions to follow Christ and it was incredible.

Joyce is confidently holding down the wound station which is hectic at times. Terry and I have been her proteges and working side by side her asking one question after the next. We all spend most of our time trying to shoo the flies away from the wounds. If we talk while doing wound care we usually end up with a fly our two in our mouths. It's insane. Joyce has also creamed us in travel scrabble on numerous occasions. She is THE scrabble queen!

Yesterday we had the privilege of traveling about an hour to Patongo. E.I. was first established in the north in Patongo until the rebels burned down the compound and church and we relocated in the Pader Town. We staged a clinic for about 150 inmates in Patongos prison. These 150 inmates live in the tightest quarters i have ever seen. Diseases are spreading rampantly. Our time there was cut short because of mandatory programs but we treated as many inmates as we could before leaving.

We have another full week of clinics ahead of us and hours each day traveling ridiculous roads to our remote destinations. It's exciting and tiresome at times but we know why we are here and God is using us in big ways. It's very humbling. I will try and post pictures on my site as soon as possible, but the internet here is so scarce and spotty. We've been without electricity for about a week now. There's apparently a problem with the main source in Jinja.

Ok, I must be going as I need to get on the bike and head back into the field to join the team.

If you could pray for continued health and strength and that the rain would continue to hold up each day we do the clinics. It has been our #1 hindrance thus far. We have so many cool stories to tell when we get home. There have been hundreds of people throughout the last two weeks of ministry who have made first time commitments for Christ! Pray for each of their lives as many will continue to receive discipleship training through E.I.

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