In case you're wondering why you seem to feel like everyone is looking...

In case you're wondering why you seem to feel like everyone is looking strangely at you in a bar, you might want to consider looking closely before you start thinking about making a big fuss.

There are guys who will start to freak out when they see a number of guys and a lot of women looking weirdly at them.

These guys we're most likely losers back when they we're in high school.


Its because they don't know that stealing glances is one of the body language attraction signals people make.

And if just like the man described above, you immediately feel defensive, instantly thinking if you have dirt on your face or somethings not right with your clothes when you catch a couple or more women looking in your direction, then you were clearly a loser.

But it can change right this very instant.

That is if you learn body language properly.

When you know which body language signals attraction, you will be able to identify who is trying to make a pass at you.

The inability to spot these signs is usually the main reason why a lot of guys miss out on great opportunities with women. When they are in a bar or any place where there are tons of ladies, they don't have an idea what's going on even when they are actually the subject of someones flirting techniques!

Women have mastered how to use body language for flirting. This is because they are not vocal about their feelings for a guy. They can't risk being called sluts when they show a guy they like him. So instead of risking it, they just look for other ways to let the man know she's attracted to him.

And this is where flirting body language comes in.

The reason why you need to learn it now is that women are very subtle; and you may not be able to catch those signals. If you're just one of those guys that know nothing about seduction and pick up, you will always be in the dark.

Lucky for you there are a lot of resources online that will help you master body language attraction . Remember that not everyone knows how to do it, so get ahead of those men.

Posted in Recreation and leisure Post Date 06/13/2021