Financial Peace - Facing Reality - It Stinks!

OK so this weekend we finally sat down and did our budget(s) - it was like four different forms - and took an entire afternoon - but we finished it. And the consensus is well, if we were smart we would sell hubby's car and either live with one car (been there done that and it STINKS!) or somehow someway make more money.

According to the guidelines you shouldn't spend more than 15% of your income on transportation - Well we spend 30% of our income on transportation, and that's not good. Doing this means we will almost never have a balanced budget. However our house and everything else falls within the percentage guidelines, which still stinks because we NEED a bigger house.

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Anyways - we did start doing the envelope system, and I know that this system is going to bring a change within us because we use our debit card for everything, and even though I NEVER bounce checks, I do know that it's hard to stop spending when you use the debit card, at least with cash you KNOW when you have no more money and you just stop buying from that particular category until you put more cash into the envelope.

To tell you the truth I really am feeling discouraged, which is stupid because this is suppose to be "The Dairy of a HOPE Filled Mom", but the very definition of discouraged is lacking hope. Maybe I am more frustrated, I know that being more disciplined with our spending is NOT going to be easy considering God has been working on me in the area of self discipline - so I am definitely lacking there - but I am so fighting these changes every step of the way. It's even making me angry and frustrated with God, because I just feel like He has placed us in such a bind. But then after saying that I can see that I need to stop blaming Him.

One thing that does have me VERY frustrated is the fact that we did our entire budget for October, we spent every dollar for every paycheck for the month of October, and hubby's paycheck for the Firehouse is salaried so it is the same every two weeks, but with his new second job it is hourly and before they promised him 16 hours per week which is what we planned on, and now this week they are only giving him 8 hours, which totally stinks.

I am really trying to figure out WHY this is happening just when we are trying to get our finances in order. It is really, really, hard to budget money when you can't even depend on your job giving you the hours you need or if you have a job where the money is so unpredictable. But I do know that other people do figure a way out, I am just wondering where God has us going with these whole part time jobs, because it seems like when a door opens and things feel like a tremendous blessing, something happens to where it's like WHY!

I know that the enemy is going to try and do what every he can to stop us from making these changes, and I know myself - resisting every step and every change that needs to be made, but I do see that these little changes will make a difference, I am just praying that everything we learn with this course can work for us like it works for other people.

My Prayer:

Lord help me to trust you, help me to not lose hope with every little change. Lord help me to not be one of those people whose attitude and faith changes with each shifting wind. Lord help me to not let my circumstances determine the way I live my life. Lord I am grateful for your blessings, and I do know that they are blessings. Thank you Lord for always being so faithful, and for opening doors that may seem impossible to everyone else including Shaun and I, but they are not impossible for You. Lord I ask for guidance as to what Shaun should do about the seat opening up at the Firehouse. God I just pray for a constant reminder that You are there, helping us get through. I know all of this is important to You and Your kingdom, please just remind me of this. God I love you and I thank you for all your incredible blessings. It is hard to face our faults, but Lord I know that you will bless every move we make in the right direction. Thank you God, I love you, and I pray this all in Your mighty son Jesus' name. - Amen!

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