Putting my kids first.

Love can be hard to resist. However, when it's not meant to be, as they say, it's not meant to be. No matter how stubborn one can be.

Shit happens. And to me it did.

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If I can have my way, I would like to remain what I am until the last of my breath a single father. But fate doesn't really allow us to decide for ourselves. It loves to play games, and how.

It played it games on me, turning this once focused, child-centered single father into a totally helpless lovestruck individual. And you think, through age, one would be wiser.

I guess, that's the price of being a poet-wannabe. You get too much in-touch with your emotions, and you try to feel that feeling that you haven't really felt for quite a spell. And who wouldn't like that feeling of being in love?

And then, shit happened.

I could not even tell how, why or when. It just happened. Putting out a flame, even before it started. But it left blisters burns scars pains.

Yet, life has to go on. Three kids to tend to dictate so.

Last night, I made a post in my facebook status which reads: "it's just me and the kids like how it should always be"

And this morning, I was surprised to see that someone " Liked " my post my eldest son.


The message came ringing loudly to my ear, however. He need not speak. I know what he means. He is my son, after all.

And as I try to get back in focus to get back on track, I will think of that " Like " and make a conscious attempt to stick to that statement and stay single forever.

I know there would be distractions along the way, but I was able to survive before, I can do it again I need no one. I have my kids, and their love is enough.

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