Week 10: The Perfect Circle "Open Letter"

Although Delilah was catching on, we wanted to continue our devious ways. Now that Asia has transformed into this new person it was time that we get even closer to Delilah's personal things. We started by going through the men in her life. We could only target two men because in almost 16 years Asia had only been intimate with two men, but she did date a few. She was always preaching about saving herself for the one God wanted in her life. Welp, the first one Asia went through, we don't think Delilah cared at all. Matter of fact we believe she pushed him on us to get rid of him. He was what people refer to as a Oreo, and Delilah rarely messed with mixed breeds so I believe Delilah was elated that we took him off her hands. Four years later Delilah met a pharmacist, and boy was he a handsome fella. We tried going through him, but he ended up cutting all of us out of his life because the way he looked at the situation: if Delilah has cunts like us around her, then he'd have to check what type of person is she, so we couldn't go through him. He was too professional and stuck up for us.

We would have to wait years before going through anymore of Delilah's men because she was very selective and would wait years until she finds someone who she's really interested in. Welp! Us cunts was willing to wait because we couldn't attract what Delilah attract, but we can sure as he'll put salt in the game and steal him from her. We waited seven wholesome years for Delilah to bring home her catch. Delilah brought home a foreign catch this time. At first we we're like what in the he'll is Delilah doing. We we're hesitant to go after this catch, but if Delilah saw something in him then we wanted a piece of the action. This was a mistake on our part as well as the foreigner part because we believe in our hearts that God himself was behind this catch and here's why:

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After 9 months of Delilah dating this foreigner; we can reel him in and manipulate his mind into thinking the worst of Delilah. At first Delilah was hurt behind the ordeal, but then something happened. Delilah wrote us a letter thanking us for the works and effort that we put into making her life a big happy journey. The letter read:

Dear Cunts,

I know what you're up to and have been up to for over 4 years now. I wanted nothing, but the best for ya'll at one point, and I was striving to be the best so that I can pull ya'll up with me. The good lord saw what you women really are and he was not willing to bless me while you cunts we're in my presence because he knew that I would bless those that he didn't intend to bless. The good lord placed a foreigner in my life for a very good reason, and due to me not listening to the lord I ended up having a seed by him. I bore the seed out of the my own sins, but God has turned my bad into my good. God knew that the pharmacist would not go against me in order for me to see the snakes around me so he had to get someone who I was attracted to and who would take a deadly bait and show how trifling you cunts really are. At first I cried uncontrollably, until I saw the bigger picture. This was all in God's plan. This had to happen in order for me to see who would have taken me down while on my throne. It's mighty funny that God only allowed the foreigner to come into contact with those that he needed to kill with one stone. Once the foreigner saw what he thought was an angel of light he cut ties with me. I thank God the foreigner saw me at my worse, and boy oh boy did the good lord send him at the perfect time. If it wasn't for him coming into my life I would have never known how trifling you women really are. I cried thinking why did God send rain on my parade, but now I'm looking at the rain as a blessing. Even the farmers ask for rain to grow their crops. The rain that God sent was much-needed because he washed away all the little pestilence that was creeping up on me. God knew the ways of this foreigner and we must admit, God works in mysterious ways to get the glory out of every situation. No matter how bad I wanted to make things work out with this foreigner because I had waited so long for what I thought was my blessing. He was only sent to do the work God needed done in my life. Furthermore, I thought it would take years for me to find the best man for me, and the way God looks at it, it would indeed take years for me to find the best, so he stepped in and sent me his best. The good lord is confident that his best would not be lied to, would not be manipulated, will not catch diseases, will not question what have I gotten myself into, will not go against me, will take on the job as a father, will be there for me, and most of all he will never meet you cunts a day in his natural-born life. I feel sorry for the foreigner because all he saw in me was my worse. He didn't look at the bigger picture or notice how a caterpillar can transform into a beautiful butterfly if he had just waited. However, he saw another beautiful tree that he thought was full of life and that he thought had it all together, but in the end it was just like that tree that Jesus cursed for looking like it had fruit, but is wicked in all it's ways. That said, I am praying for you Asia, that you get it together and that you stop going around turning against those that only wanted to help you. You're forgiven, and just like the prostitute that Jesus forgave, your actions may have consequences, but it can be taken to the cross. The foreigner can also be forgiven. I know in his mind he's wondering how can a person like you who acts so loving and caring, do a friend so wrong who's done nothing to you, but confided in you about her relationship because she needed a shoulder to cry on. If you can do me, your sister, and other friends like this, imagine what you can do to him and what you have done to all the other men. Trust me it's not your looks at all, under no circumstances. It's how you made him see your LIE wrapped up in perfect TRUTH. Yes my darling, he thought you was the truth, but the news reported your lies to the world.

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