Abby's Best DayEver.

If you spend enough time around Abby, you will often hear her say "Today is the best day ever." I get a chuckle out of it each time because it makes sense to me to say that when we just spent the day at Disney, but she would also say the same thing after eating ice cream in the capital here in Togo. While I love mint chocolate chip ice cream more than most people, it takes something better than that to make my "best day ever".Having said that so many times, this past week surely would have to be her best week ever.

Over these past few years we have had countless conversations with her about the gospel, explaining over and over again why we need a Savior and who is the only one able to save us. She could give the right answers to these questions, but we wanted to make sure that we did not push her to make a profession of faith. The Holy Spirit does a far better job of bringing people to genuine faith and new life than we can, and we we're praying with great expectations that He would do so in her life as He did in ours.

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I've thought for the longest time that as Abby watched believers at church follow the Lord in baptism and partake of communion that God would use those special times to help her see that others we're in the household of faith and that she was on the outside looking in. As it turned out, that's just what happened.

Just recently, one of Abby's good friends for the past six years made a profession of faith in Christ and wanted to follow the Lord in baptism. As Abby reflected on her friend Joshua's upcoming baptism, it made her ask out loud if she was a Christian herself or not. What a smile it put on our faces to have that conversation with her one more time and have her say that she believes in Christ and wants to turn from her sin and follow Him with her life.

So with no reason to delay her baptism, we went ahead and scheduled to baptize her the following Sunday at our first church plant in the village of Tchandida. This just happened to fall on her eighth birthday which will be a neat way of remembering this special day.

Can you read the verse on the exterior wall of our church? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. That's the gospel that we preach, and what I tried to hammer home again today. We can add nothing to the work of Christ, and God accepts us, forgives us and justifies us solely by faith in Christ alone. Any "gospel" that says genuine faith in Christ alone is not sufficient to save is a distortion of the true gospel and ought to be boldly denounced as such.

That being said, baptism is extremely important, and woe to us if we underestimate the command of Christ to publicly identity with Him in His death and resurrection by following Him in baptism. It is a beautiful picture of what Christ did for us and a glorious moment in the life of every believer who goes through those waters.

Well, as I type this post Heidi is fixing us chocolate chip pancakes, and she made a special one for Abby in the shape of the number 8 for her birthday. As you can guess, Abby told her, "Thanks mom, this is the best day ever." Today was a great day, far better than Disney, mint chocolate chip ice cream or just about anything else that you can think of, and we wish you could have all been here to celebrate it with us.

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