Getting A Nursing Scholarship

Nursing is a popular course to take for many, but due to the high costs involved, a lot of would-be nursing students choose another course or simply set aside their plans for higher education. Yet there are many ways one can still attend college and get a nursing education, and one way is by getting a nursing scholarship.

It's not as simple as choosing from one of many scholarship options offered by large corporations, non-profit organizations and the government you need to carefully research your options so you don't regret your decision to obtain a scholarship.

If you have a specific college or university you wish to attend, check if they can offer you a nursing scholarship. Most schools have some sort of financial aid program for their students. This information can be gleaned by calling the school's financial adviser or by visiting your school's financial office.

Do some deep-diving once you're in touch with the finance department of the school check scholarship eligibility requirements and other means of financial help. Take note that there are some colleges that can only answer these questions once you have been admitted to the school. Have a shortlist of the nursing schools you wish to attend, and once you do, compare and contrast the financial and scholarship options they have to offer.

Non-profit organizations are another goldmine of scholarship options, so check with them next after checking with the local colleges. Also note that not all scholarships are alike. There are scholarships that are offered only to members of ethnic minority groups, and scholarships that are designed for students taking up a particular course. Nursing scholarships are plentiful, so don't give up if the first two sources don't work.

The next place to look would be at your local hospitals. Most hospitals have a stipulation where you need to work for them for a few years in order to pay off your tuition. This is an alternative form of financial aid called a work-study program, where you are technically employed by the hospital to help pay your tuition costs.

When all else fails, consult the World Wide Web the Internet can help you in making a nationwide or statewide search for organizations that offer scholarships. Government sites, as well as online agency and nursing organization sites will come in handy since you're now searching on a much larger scale. If you're lucky, you'll find websites from companies that can do the searching for you. Be wary if they charge for their services. Why pay anyone anything for something that can be done on your own free time? To summarize, having the right amount of dedication and patience can help you find a nursing scholarship.

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