Home alone..day 2

Home alone for a week!! No, that's not an excited exclamation..that's a OMG, what am I gonna do exclamation!! LOL..So, while my French man is traveling to the east for business, here's to documenting my days alone. As you can see, I did not start with day one..that's because I slept through the day. Did not do anything at all!! Lol.

My lunch cooked with actifry! Crispy fried chicken minus the oil..yummilicious! My favourite kitchen equipment now!

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Continuing my cross stitch. More than a year, still not done!! Well, I made a promise to do a minimum of ONE square a day! Crossing all fingers and toes!

I reparked the car. Now you must be wondering "what's so special about that"?well, this is the first time I'm behind the wheels again! Never drove since I arrived in Brussels. But since my French man is away, I had no choice as there was a restricted parking sign that was placed overnight. So, voilaI moved the car!!

Read some magazines..found a newsagent in Gallery Bascule that sells many English magazines..I got carried out a little and spent a little too much for magazines..lol..oh well, once in awhile, right?

Continued a page of coloring..I actually do a lot of these coloring, love them!

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