Horn Relief Press Statement on the Famine situation in Somalia

Following the UNs announcement on Friday that famine conditions in Somalia have ended, we wish to express our relief that the suffering of the people of Somalia has eased. We also wish to underline the important work that has been done by numerous international and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to contribute to this improvement.

At the same time, we would like to advocate for caution, as the announcement does not mean the crisis is over for millions of people. Many Somalis are still unable to fully meet their essential food needs, lack medical services, clean drinking water and other critical services. Over 1.2 million people are living in IDP or refugee camps and many of these individuals still need assistance before they can return to their homes. The gains that have been made in recent months could easily, and quickly, come undone if aid efforts are not sustained at current levels.

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To date, over 15 aid agencies have been expelled from parts of Somalia, cutting critical supplies and services to the most vulnerable people. The escalating conflict in many parts of South Central Somalia has further complicated aid efforts, making it more difficult for those organizations still operating in the region to deliver aid. Furthermore, the scale-up of the military intervention to support the Transitional Federal Government has been accompanied by numerous reports of civilian casualties in South Central Somalia.

The improved famine and drought situation in Somalia should be welcomed with caution. The bumper harvest reported is a clear indicator that the communities affected are able to produce surplus food to meet their needs. But years of conflict and natural disasters have also eroded the resilience of communities in the affected areas.

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